Saturday, March 28, 2009

Updated 50 Things...

So I've had a few requests to update my 50 Things To Do Before I Die list :) Since this is kind of a working journal, I thought that was a good idea, and I even put some pictures in for you visual learners.

50 Things To Do Before I Die

1. Marry in the temple and have children
2. Own a home with my husband
3. See the fireflies in the summer in the East – June 2004, Massachusetts
4. See the leaves of autumn in the East
5. Cross-Country Driving Trip- taking pictures of old barns, etc.
6. Play the piano
7. Play the guitar
8. Ride sidesaddle
9. Live in a small house (like the Avenues in Salt Lake) – April 2009; tree streets Provo
10. Hike Timpanogos
11. Young Women’s Personal Progress – May 2002
12. Cliff Jump – June 3rd, 2008 ; Havasupai

13. Rock Climb
14. See the Sistine Chapel
15. Have a gorgeous garden
16. Be a board member of Festival of Trees – 2008 & 2009!
17. Ballroom dance
18. Dive off a diving board
19. Scuba Dive
20. Make clay pottery with a wheel
21. Church history trip
22. Go to Jerusalem and other holy cities
23. See the Arauraborialus
24. Skate Rockefeller Center at Christmas time
25. Have a beauty day with friends
26. Build a tree house
27. Singing lessons
28. Whitewater Rafting – July 2006, Snake River, Jackson Hole, WY
29. Disney World – March 2008

30. See the tulip fields in Holland
31. Go to all the sports live: Soccer (BYU 2007), Football (USU 2002), Basketball (USU 2005-6), Baseball (Mariners 2007), Hockey ( USU 2005-6), Lacrosse, Volleyball (BYU 2009)
32. Ride a horse in the surf of the ocean
33. Try the water sports: Jet Ski, Wakeboard, Waterski
34. Go on a train ride – August 2005

35. Travel to Africa, Australia, Europe (July 2004), Asia, and South America
36. Invest
37. Jump a horse
38. Throw a Masquerade Ball – Aug. 2008

39. See the Pyramids
40. Go on Safari and take pictures
41. Walk in the vineyards – August 2005, France

42. Fly fish
43. Family History and Temple Work
44. Overnighter with the horses
45. Read all the great works of literature
46. Ride in a hot air balloon
47. Go on a mission with my husband
48. Drive Route 66
48 ½. See a Living Art Show
49. Go to every state’s State Fair – UT 2008
49 ½. Learn to Sew/Tailor
50. Raise a guide dog puppy

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skull Candy Rocks My World!

Okay, this is the best company! Not only do they make really good headphones and accessories, but they have awesome warranties, they are local (park city), and they completely support the community.

Example 1: they gave momentum climbing (the indoor climbing place in Sandy) headphones to give to my mentoring kids when they did an event for us.

Example 2: I ended up using my assertiveness to get two people to share a cab with me today from the airport (they were very willing, don't think I tricked them into it or anything), and turns out one of them works for skull candy. When he said that I started talking about how I love their stuff, and my brothers love their stuff, and how I think they're such a cool company, and then how I want some of their noise reduction the time he left the cab he had give me a pair! Right out the blue! He was super nice and said they love to support the locals. How COOL is that!

Example 3: This same guy then tells me to email him and he'll get my 4-H kids hooked up with some stuff for good grades and behavior and such.

What a GREAT company. They are doing really well, and I hope they continue to do well :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Support Local Restaurants, Try THESE!

I LOVE local restaurants. I love that families, or friends or whatever are venturing to do something they love and bring great food to their communities. I love the random decor and menus with spelling errors (i always relate to that). SO... I'm asking for your favorite local restaurants, and I'll list a few I just found :)

awesome, creative burgers; SWEET POTATO fries! shakes
adorable stools and long counters
27 N 100 W Provo

amazing mini cupcakes, wonderful box lunches, funny entertaining decor
14 East 800 South, Salt Lake

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fearless Heart

I can't find a good video or sound clip for this song, the best I can do is this...

Use the Steve Earle version.

This is one of my life songs. (You know, those songs that you hear and it's amazing that it describes your life, or that you want to pattern your life after because you think it will make you a better person)

"Don't you worry bout what you've been told
Cause honey I ain't even close to cold
It's kinda soon to fall in love again
But sometimes the best that you can do is just jump back in
I got me a fearless heart
Strong enough to get you through the scary part
It's been broken many times before
A fearless heart just comes back for more

Folks'll tell you that I'm just no good
But I wouldn't hurt you honey if I could
I can't promise this'll work out right
But it would kill me darlin' if we didn't even try

I admit I fall in love a lot
But I nearly always give it my best shot
I know you must think I'm the reckless kind
But I want a lady with a fearless heart just like mine

So what's this post all about, besides sharing random music?

I have a friend who is currently trying to find the courage to make something happen with a guy she likes. This is what I say...

Have a fearless heart!

I have been hurt, I have hurt others, BUT I have LOVED, and I have been LOVED. And that- that is worth the risk and the hurt. I have said, more than once, "hey, i kinda like you". And that has lead to the,

"I want to just be friends" answer,and that has also lead to the..."I kinda like you too" answer.

Here's the thing- why not put yourself out there? Put yourself out there in the beginning, put yourself out there in the middle, go all in, put your fearless heart into another's hands, and jump into what could be an amazing experience.

NOTE OF CAUTION: as we all know, I have not graduated from the single life, my advice obviously needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Honestly, I'm learning, and what I'm learning is, that sometimes I need to be slow, but there's a balance between slow and a fearless heart. I guess I'll find that balance one day and at the same time, I'll find a guy who wants whatever balance I have found. :)

(Apparently all my blogging lately is about relationships, but hey, the marrieds blog about kids and marriage so don't hate)