Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back...At Least for a while...

Well, I'm back. I think I'll be okay for a while, maybe 'til mid-terms hit. The biggest reason I'm getting back onto this time consuming but worthwhile endeavor- my sista Mary. I think she's the only one who reads my blog anyway :) I love you Mary!

This bring up an interesting point for Mary or if any other kind soul is reading this...
I think what we do for others can help us understand the amount of dedication and love we have for them. I know this is especially true at Christmas time. I go through a list of people in my head, and those I cherish and love I try to show with cards, gifts or time.

Now, I'm not sure if I fully agree with this, (to play the other side). I love my little brother VERY much (he's 7 years old and lives in Washington), but I do not call him, send him cards or do the things I do with friends or other family. Is this a function of the distance, his age or some unknown factor?

So in my usual confusion, I mean...conclusion :) I'm not sure. I think some show love with time, others with deeds, others with words, and still some with silent affection and support.

Here's to hoping those you love, love you back.