Monday, February 15, 2010

The first of many D.C. posts...

Well here I am in Washington D.C.!!

The snow has been crazy! 55" is a lot for anywhere, but here they don't have enough snowplows and no one knows how to drive in it! Ha! My plan to come a week early to get a bunch of things set up before I started work turned more into a week of playing in the snow, shoveling in the snow, and trying to use public transportation in the snow!

So here's my first of I'm sure many stories from the city:

I learned:
1. I'm living in Washington D.C.! I think it finally hit me.
2. Buses and the metro don't run normally in the snow.
3. If you talk to a single guy for more than 2 minutes he asks for your number. Ha!

So, today I got to the metro, by roommate drop off (two of my roommates go by metro stops on their way to work, so that's awesome and convenient). So I left at 7 am, (needing to be at work theoretically by 8:30), got to the metro, and proceeded to wait for 45 minutes because the metro line had maintenance because of the snow. When I did get to the place I'll be working- that was great, it all worked out so good there right?

So then I decide I'm going to the Washington Monument in honor of President's Day- so I got a ticket and spent the time in between in the Julia Child's exhibit in the Museum of American History- awesome!! So that's #1, that's when I hit me, I was looking between the capital building and the washington monument and it hit me- I LIVE IN WASHINGTON DC!!! That was an awesome moment. I took time to just savor it. :) The Washington Monument is cool too. Oh, and I might become a member of the Smithsonian, we'll see.

So after a day on the National Mall, I decided to head home- well I picked a metro stop with a bus route that I thought was close to home- turns out- no, no, not at all. I get off the Metro - not the best area!! Good thing it was daytime! The Rhode Island Ave stop- yeah. So then after 45 minutes of waiting I get on the bus, it's the correct bus, I'm feeling all good about things, looking at the neighborhoods- yeah neighborhoods I won't be in after dark- and then the bus driver announces that he's on snow routes. SNOW ROUTES?! What does that mean? It means he doesn't go by my house- he doesn't even get near my stop. So I end up at the New Carrollton Metro. Ha! I took 2 hours of busing to get to another metro. Durr! So I call my roommate because there's no bus that goes near my house and see if she'll pick me up at the metro she dropped me at this morning. It's a go. So still making it, but not in style that's for sure. I then proceed to get on the very end of the red line and go all the way back into DC to then get on the Green Line and go to the end of that. Ha! She picked me up and 3.5 hours later I get home. Ha!

K, so when I was waiting for the metro at the New Carrollton stop- this nice looking young man started talking to me. I asked this guy if he was a regular at this stop (to see if it was safe to come home and catch the bus there (when it's not snow routes), and that was it- he talked to me all the way into DC. Very nice- from West Africa, almost done with a bachelor's degree here in the US. And he ended up asking me for my number. Hahaha, oh good times in the city.

So that's my story, I thought it was interesting, but maybe it only is because I lived it, lol. We'll see how I do tomorrow. My first day of work...