Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Possibilities of Vinyl Records


I wanted to buy my cousin coasters made from records, but they were always on back order or really expensive, so why not make my own?

Start with record...

Heat at 200 degrees.


Back with felt.

Cover with decoupage.


More to come, next I think I'll make a bowl or a vase.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adventurous Fall

What happens when you combine a Renaissance Festival, 5 State Fairs, and Chucking Pumpkins?  

Let us begin with the merry gay festivities of the Renaissance Festival, ho!

Some of the festival goers.  These girls are pretty much up for anything.  Good thing, as we saw just about everything!

Jousting!  They really had jousting!  As always I wanted to ride the horses...

The festival not only included ye'old type food, and entertainment, but ye'old type characters!  I thought, oh renaissance outfits will be abundant (and they were), but what I didn't expect were:

  • Women with their bosoms WAY TO bosomy (she wasn't really collecting money (wink, wink), but I thought it was funny she was when I took the covert pic)
  • Kilts in abundance
  • Vikings
  • Fairies and wizards
  • Metal bikinis

It was too fun.  Lots of food, jugglers, and all kinds of costumes for sale.  Did you know you need a pair of horns?  Seems like 50% of the girls there did.  Oh, and a tail too!  It was great.

Who puts 5 state fairs into one huge event?  New England does.  

Here's the set up:  5 New England states come together in Massachusetts (conveniently and awesomely right close to where my amazing friend Lydia lives) and they each have a state house.  This means I was able to check of 5 states on my state fair list.

Fair food at its best!

Chocolate covered bacon.  It's actually not bad.  
I won't eat it again, but you have to try everything once.

Very Vermontish I think...

Home state!!  Yeah Lyd.

I want to go to this pumpkin festival in Rhode Island!

Oreo cows!  I use to see these all the time when I lived in western Mass.

Mike Gagnon, this is for you.

Hahahaha!!  Love it.  I don't care what you project is, as long as you're learning life skills ;)

I know, I know, I'm a 4-H junkie.

Side Note

Okay, after living in D.C. for almost 2 years, I couldn't believe 50 cents an hour parking!  
Usually is a $20 flat fee.  I had to get proof.

Pumpkin Chunkin - oh I was there! 

You can watch me (well, me in the crowd) on the Discovery Channel on Thanksgiving.  It was an awesome event.  All the money goes to charity, there was plaid, Carhartt, and fair food everywhere.

The categories included man powered catapult, man powered trebuchet, and air cannon.  Pumpkin + air cannon = fun.  Though, I think the best to watch were the man powered trebuchets.  Think of it, a person rowing or riding a bike to pull it down and then a pumpkin launching into the air after a few moments of suspense.  

Pumkin chunkin tailgaters.  No joke.

Air cannons.  That's right, those are full sized tanks to power those things.  They were cool, but it was hard to see the pumpkins fly because they went so fast.

Love this- youth division of the trebuchets.  I'm going to do this with 4-H.  

So we're standing in the crowd watching and this man comes to to fence and is yelling something (I'm not paying attention) and then I hear a yell behind me and a 6'4'' man waving his arms.  As I look up, a t-shirt is descending upon me.  Yeah!  Sorry 6'4'' guy- I think I fit better in it.  :)  Well, at least when it's over my hoodie.  

So ends my fall adventures.