Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Raising" Children

Today the phrase raising children came to my mind in a way it has not before. When someone says they want to raise their children well, most times I think- help them grow up, become successful adults and not get into trouble. This seems to be the standard idea of raising a child, but today I thought of a new perspective.

We as the older generation can raise a child up. By this I mean to a higher level, even higher than we have turned out. Isn't that the point anyway? Shouldn't we hope that our children and grandchildren will have more knowledge, be more skilled, kind, spiritual and well rounded than we are? I think it is our job to help them attain the potential they don't even know they have. We can raise them not only to be productive adults, but to a higher level, as an elevator raises a passenger to a new level to then explore and do more than on the previous level.

All this maybe see elementary to some of you, but I found it an inspiring and interesting train of thought.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Running in Flipflops...

A few days ago, as I was running across the Quad on Utah State's campus, in flipflops, giving myself shin splints, kicking muddy grassiness onto my legs, and listening to the five p.m. chime of the bell in Old Main....I realized two things...

The procrastinator in my HAS to DIE! How many times can I run to turn a paper in minutes before it's late, start an online quiz just minutes before it closes, or read an article in the class I should have prepared for?

Also, I have become a perpetually late person. I am always trying to do just one more thing before I leave, or one more errand before I go to class, or sleep one more minute. It's not good, and it's not the person I want to be. I think it developed from the distaste of being awkwardly early. But, I have decided- being early is only an opportunity to take in my surrounds and appreciate the time I have, a time to reflect.

So, I will as of today, do better.

Friday, February 17, 2006

One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen happened yesterday and I've seen two or three times now...My colt (young horse) training class turned our colts to run in the arena yesterday. Imagine the following...three red and one black horse galloping, kicking up, rearing, and throwing their heads at each other set against a pure white background. All the while, they are prancing, lifting their strong muscular legs, churning up the snow as does a the bottom of a waterfall- letting the snow fly up and dust their legs and bellies. It's a beautiful display of power, passion and the Master's creations.

Friday, January 13, 2006

My New Passions...

Yesterday I received two gifts and both were magical...

1. A Guitar! It's a Ovation Celebrity CS257 just in case you wanted to look it up, or you know anything about guitars. Now to be truthful, it's not really mine. My best guy friend in the world is letting me borrow it for the semester. He is also buying it new strings and helping me get everything else I will need to learn my new endeavor, and therein lyes some of the magic for me.

With this gift comes first the reassurance that Brian trusts me (it's a REALLY nice guitar) and also the knowledge that has been proven time and time again that Brian though sometimes flakey, REALLY knows me. Over the course of the semester I hope it will bring us to a new level of closeness that I am always striving for in my friendships. I'm VERY excited to learn. I've wanted to for a long time. (A note: if you're thinking, "who's Brian? What's the deal between these two?" He and I will never date, it just wasn't in the fates, and he's happily dating someone else right now.)

2. Horse Training. Now you might think- 'Linds, horse training isn't a gift- even if you were a horse, or even owned a horse!' BUT it is! I have recently read 'Horses Don't Lie' by Chris Irwin. If you have ever riden horses or ever wish to- read this book. I think it's a great jumping off point into the world of modern or Neo-Horse Whispering. This leads me to the gift. I have found a new passion (and I consider that new found passion as the gift) for horse training and riding. My equestrian team coach and my teacher uses mostly Parelli methods and I am going to learn them! I am observing and helping her teach the 101 and 201 horse riding classes at the University and taking the 301 class. I'm a the barn A LOT, but I love it. By the end of the semester I hope to have read and experienced enough to train and teach and use all this great knowledge and have the basis to learn more!

I'm not going to tell you about the stuff I'm learning, but that will be another blog. So, my two gifts are amazing and life is going to be great this year! I will probably do more new things and things will change more, than ever before. I am excited about this possibility, but also scared, because I'm sure I will encounter challenges, heartache and trials, but that is all worth the good times, new things learned, character growth and fun I will have.