Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The most kind airport I've ever seen...

Have you ever been to an airport who's bathrooms had an attendant? I HAVE!

I'm in charlotte, NC. At least I think it's North Carolina not South. I'm afraid to ask someone for fear of offending them. Are Carolinans defensive of that? I could look it up but that wouldn't due for the sake of this paragraph ;)

Charlotte, wherever it is, is SO nice. I didn't notice it at first. Maybe I've lived in the city long enough I don't look up and smile as often as I use to. Though I still do that more than typical Washingtonians. I started noticing when the restroom attendant was there. She had mints, mouthwash, lotion, and she was wiping the counters. What airport does that?!

More of Charlotte's Southern hospitality:

1. Rocking Chairs with electrical outlets near.

2. Ask Me people stationed around the airport, just waiting to be nice and call you darlin'.

3. A piano playing Christmas music.

4. People smiling at me left and right, and saying excuse me sweetheart.

Maybe I'd fit in in the South?

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A boost in my confidence

How sweet is this comment:

"When I tried to remember what you looked like (without having seen you in a while) I had just assumed that I had exaggerated in my mind how beautiful I remembered you being (not in a bad way, but just that sometimes I embelish certain things in memory).  As it turns out, however, you really were as beautiful as I remembered."

Just thought I'd share, as sometimes we blog about the hard things, I thought I'd post something sweet.  And no, this doesn't not mean I'm dating someone, I'm still looking ;)