Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reflection on a year of Relationships

From Dec. 2007 to Dec. 2008 I have had the privilege of being in three relationships. There are so many emotions one goes through when falling in like or falling in love and just as many when ones heart is broken and also healing.

First I would like to say…I am SO thankful for those experiences. Who can say they’ve been with three amazing guys in the space of 12 months?!

The things I have learned and the romantic/fun/crazy events that happened were worth any of the pain and heartbreak that came in the end.

Experiences Like….
Being introduced to a new Thai restaurant
Wearing any height of heal I want!
Growing closer to Amy
Learning about bagpipe music
Having a bagpipe song WRITTEN for me
Gaining new friends
Having foreign country themed dates
Getting a call from a foreign country for my birthday
Dancing in the kitchen
Holding hands walking in a neighborhood
Being tackled from behind and KISSED
His co-workers telling him he’s lucky to have someone like me
Being teased by his family and loving every blushing minute of it

Learning Thinks Like….
Let him take the lead and responding equally, not more, not less, but equal
I can find LDS guys who I would like to be with
Going slow and giving space
Family means SO much
Friends mean SO much
Waiting until the next day to talk about something, thinking it over is a GOOD idea
Best friends can sometimes make the best lovers (don’t worry no lines were crossed)
God is watching over me

Next I would like to say…I still have hope for LOVE. I have met a few girls and guys who are so jaded with love. They feel that all girls this, or all guys that, or that people can’t really find the someone who they can be happy with or who can be happy with them…BUT NOT ME. I still find joy in a first date (even if it is just laughing at the awkwardness), love a first kiss, and have hope that the love of my life is out there, somewhere.

Last, I know God is watching over me because…
He gives me beautiful experiences
He gives me heartache and challenges to teach me
He sends me friends that lighten my sorrow and lift me back up
He gave me my family who will always be the
loves of my life.