Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grandma Recipe Try #1 Beer Batter

Well, first, I must have typed the recipe wrong.  Pg. 100 for those of you who have the same book- it's not 1 & 3/4 c. CORNSTARCH and 3/4 c. flour, it's 1 & 3/4 c. FLOUR and 3/4 c. cornstarch.  Do you know what happens when you put 1 3/4 c. cornstarch with a little bit of liquid- haha, not good.  Yes I now can demonstrate suspension, but that doesn't really taste good.

Just in case you were wondering in child terms:
A mixture of cornstarch and water make what is known as a suspension.  When you squeeze a Cornstarch Suspension it really feels like a solid because its molecules line up.  But it looks like a liquid and acts like a liquid when no one is pressing on it because the molecules relax.  This is another state of matter, called a suspension (It can act like a liquid, or, when pressed like a solid.).

I tried again and the batter turned out- well, turned out with lots more liquid then the recipe called for.  I'm not quite sure what happened to the recipe to be honest.  

Next, turns out, I don't love grease covered food that much.  Now sugar, of course, but grease- not so much.  I think it was good if you liked fried food...

So, success?  Not so much, but fun, yes :)

PLUS, I called Aunt Trudy to get help and that's always fun.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Possibilities of Vinyl Records


I wanted to buy my cousin coasters made from records, but they were always on back order or really expensive, so why not make my own?

Start with record...

Heat at 200 degrees.


Back with felt.

Cover with decoupage.


More to come, next I think I'll make a bowl or a vase.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adventurous Fall

What happens when you combine a Renaissance Festival, 5 State Fairs, and Chucking Pumpkins?  

Let us begin with the merry gay festivities of the Renaissance Festival, ho!

Some of the festival goers.  These girls are pretty much up for anything.  Good thing, as we saw just about everything!

Jousting!  They really had jousting!  As always I wanted to ride the horses...

The festival not only included ye'old type food, and entertainment, but ye'old type characters!  I thought, oh renaissance outfits will be abundant (and they were), but what I didn't expect were:

  • Women with their bosoms WAY TO bosomy (she wasn't really collecting money (wink, wink), but I thought it was funny she was when I took the covert pic)
  • Kilts in abundance
  • Vikings
  • Fairies and wizards
  • Metal bikinis

It was too fun.  Lots of food, jugglers, and all kinds of costumes for sale.  Did you know you need a pair of horns?  Seems like 50% of the girls there did.  Oh, and a tail too!  It was great.

Who puts 5 state fairs into one huge event?  New England does.  

Here's the set up:  5 New England states come together in Massachusetts (conveniently and awesomely right close to where my amazing friend Lydia lives) and they each have a state house.  This means I was able to check of 5 states on my state fair list.

Fair food at its best!

Chocolate covered bacon.  It's actually not bad.  
I won't eat it again, but you have to try everything once.

Very Vermontish I think...

Home state!!  Yeah Lyd.

I want to go to this pumpkin festival in Rhode Island!

Oreo cows!  I use to see these all the time when I lived in western Mass.

Mike Gagnon, this is for you.

Hahahaha!!  Love it.  I don't care what you project is, as long as you're learning life skills ;)

I know, I know, I'm a 4-H junkie.

Side Note

Okay, after living in D.C. for almost 2 years, I couldn't believe 50 cents an hour parking!  
Usually is a $20 flat fee.  I had to get proof.

Pumpkin Chunkin - oh I was there! 

You can watch me (well, me in the crowd) on the Discovery Channel on Thanksgiving.  It was an awesome event.  All the money goes to charity, there was plaid, Carhartt, and fair food everywhere.

The categories included man powered catapult, man powered trebuchet, and air cannon.  Pumpkin + air cannon = fun.  Though, I think the best to watch were the man powered trebuchets.  Think of it, a person rowing or riding a bike to pull it down and then a pumpkin launching into the air after a few moments of suspense.  

Pumkin chunkin tailgaters.  No joke.

Air cannons.  That's right, those are full sized tanks to power those things.  They were cool, but it was hard to see the pumpkins fly because they went so fast.

Love this- youth division of the trebuchets.  I'm going to do this with 4-H.  

So we're standing in the crowd watching and this man comes to to fence and is yelling something (I'm not paying attention) and then I hear a yell behind me and a 6'4'' man waving his arms.  As I look up, a t-shirt is descending upon me.  Yeah!  Sorry 6'4'' guy- I think I fit better in it.  :)  Well, at least when it's over my hoodie.  

So ends my fall adventures.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Walking about Crystal City and Half a Book

I had the most lovely evening. I've been walking about Crystal City in a heel to toe stride with my nose in a book.

I started my evening by walking to the nail salon.  My nail salon is full of Korean family members who all do nails and toes and fantastic leg massages.  They glance at each other and speak in Korean and smile and have no idea what I'm saying when I ask anything but "How are you?"

With my lovely shiny toes with white tips and soft feet I strolled home engrossed in post WWII stories, my inter-thoughts turning into British writing.  When I came to my building I paused and thought, I don't want to stop reading, it's a lovely warm summer evening, and I want a soda...

So I took my shiny toes and kept walking!  As I walked Crystal Drive I looked up to a beautiful summer evening sight.  Couples, family, friends, all sitting outside restaurants enjoying a meal and wonderful conversation.   It gives me great enjoyment to see people sitting like Parisians letting the evening flitter away into night.  

I couldn't pull my eyes back to my book.  Especially when the puppy dogs walked by.  There were probably people with them, but I seem to focus on all the fur and cute faces and tails.  I only asked to pet one.  

After enjoying flashbacks of Paris I found an Izze and sat down with a small waterfall in front of me, an arbor overhead and finished the first half of my book.  
Walking home 3 hours after I'd left I realize that as I launch my 27th birthday weekend, I'm very happy with who I am and the wonderful life that has been given to me.

Friday, June 03, 2011


Do you look around your room and think- nothing has changed since I was in high school?  Well, I no longer do!  Mom has drilled it into me finally that I need to move on from my high school looking bedroom.

Part of this transformation is parting with nicknacks that hold memories.  How was I able to part with these precious reminders of great times?  Pictures and my blog!  So, I will attempt to explain each item, when I obtained it and what it means to me.  Forever documented in blogger space and time.

Read on if you're interested... something you gave me might just be listed and pictured.  If nothing is- that either means you and I haven't have nearly enough good times and we should work on that right away, or that I kept the momento and it's carefully placed in my new "adult" looking room.  You'll just have to come visit me to see it!

Nightlight kitty in the toilet:  I have no idea where I originally got this.  I'm guessing from Mom or an auntie or Grandma Danny.  I do remember having in my room since I was little, and feel comforted if I woke up in the middle of the night.

Musical carousel:  I've had this since I can remember.  To make it play you turn the top and then the whole thing rotates.

The ballerinas are from Grandpa White.  He and grandma would take me to the ballet and often would buy me something.  I loved those days of dressing up, being with them and feeling so special because I got to go.  I probably got these in Junior High.

Space Needle Bell:  I remember getting this with Dad.  It reminds me so much of all the great things we use to do together when I was little and visiting Seattle.  Probably between 3rd and 6th grade.  I remember him telling me that I brought the sun with me.  It seemed to be good weather when I was visiting.  I don't think I realized how much time he gave to me back then.  He would take off a week or two and we would go do a million things.  I love those memories- the Space Needle, the Science Center, the Locks, camping, playing with and taking Abby on walks...

The kitty heart that played "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music.  I got it in Truckee, NV when visiting my auntie Trudy with Mom.  I remember walking around town and choosing this memento.  I was probably 12 or so.

Clifford Dog toy:  I got this and the bobble head toy that was stuck to the dash of my first car- a Ford F150 that we nicknamed Clifford the Big Red Truck, from Wendy's Restaurant the year I turned 16.  I remember being with my girlfriends and naming the truck (Kelley Morris I think...) while driving around and getting fast food (Kimi West, Jamie Kotter and Shanda Barton).

Painted Face Mask:  We made these in Humanities my junior year of high school.  There's pages of a book, a tulip, and red and blue speckles to symbolize my red and blue personalities.  I can't remember the meaning of the rest, but it was a fun assignment.

Rocking Horse:  I kept this.  I can't part with it.  I've had it since I can remember.  When you push, it will rock and the legs of the horse hit the other part of the rocker and sounds like a horse trotting.  It's a sound I will never forget and is always comforting.  It reminds me of my childhood.

Champagne Glass Candle:  Okay, who needs this?  No one.  BUT it was the souvenir of my Junior Prom.  Junior Prom was a great dance.  I went with Tyson Morris and he planned wonderfully, and was such a good friend.  It was a great night.  It snowed, I wore a maroon dress, we even went with my Junior friends even though Ty was a Senior.

Dried Flower Glass Box:  I can't remember where I got this box, but what's inside it is the important thing.  Those are rose petals from the first rose a boy ever gave me on my first date when I was sixteen.  Reg (Craig) Bruening gave it to me :)

Ash Seal and Bear:  These are from Mt. St. Helens in Washington.  I remember going with dad to the visitors' center and learning about the volcano and what it did to that area.  I remember camping near there where the squirrels were a little too friendly.  They got onto our picnic table and took our sandwiches!

Wooden Box:  Codey Kolasinski stained this box for me, and made the chess pieces from clay.  He was and is the most romantic man I've ever been with.  The butterfly temporary tattoo was also from Codey.  He knew I wanted a tattoo.

"You are special to me" Rock:  This was from Lydia Wonsey.  We started our friendship at Camp Howe in 2003 and are still friends to this day.  Now that I live in D.C., Massachusetts isn't too far away!  I also got the bracelet from Camp.

Snow Globe Box:  Jeremy Blaustein made this for me when I left Massachusetts and Camp Howe.  We were known at camp as the cute couple.  He was very sweet.  The box had 4 pictures, one on each side and when you shook it snow floated around.  1st pic:  Jeremy and I; 2nd pic: a special needs camper and I wrapped together with ribbon (thanks Codey and Rob); 3rd pic: Some of the gag from camp.

Quote Poster:  I don't know if you can read these, but if you can, you'll laugh.  Especially if you lived with me or were a pseudo roommate of mine at Utah State 2005-2006.

Good Bye Poster:  Shalene Hardman and Cassandra Winter threw me an awesome going away party when I left for D.C. in Feb. 2010.  Shalene made the poster that the people at the party signed.  I thought it was wonderful.

Jacob Jewell Art Work:  Jake game me this painting for Christmas about 2005.  Cute huh?

Family Flag:  Mom and I made this at 4-H Family Camp 2006.  It was wonderful to have her up in Jackson Hole with me at Family Camp.  

My Little Pony:  Oh the memories!  I remember playing horse show in front of Dad's house in the dirt with my little ponies.  I kept one though all the years.  Many of them were maimed by the sun, dirt and hair brushes.

Powder Box:  This I kept.  It is Grandma White's.  I will always remember her as a classy woman.  When I was young I would dress up in her sequin tops, high heels and try on her lipstick.  I remember this powder box being in the bathroom.

High School Graduation Tassel:  Alta High School was a great place for me.  I made some of the friends I still have today, some of the best friends I'll ever have.  I learned a ton, had great times and loved almost all of it.

Painted Rock:  Ryan Willeitner 2002: "Why do girls like flowers?  They are dead plants."
Lindsey: "Well, when you pick them out, you think of me."
Ryan:  "So if I was thinking of you, and I picked out a rock, you'd be happy?"
Lindsey:  "Yeah, I would.  Oh, except they're pretty and they smell good."
2 months later:  I get a box full of painted (pretty) rocks (thought of me) sprayed with cologne (smells good).  How romantic is that!

Tie Box:  Codey gave this to me.  I can't remember why it's significant.  I think it just reminded me of the whole dating a New Englander.  Very different than a Westerner.  I realize that even more now that I live on the East Coast.  He put up with a lot of my Westernness that was probably annoying.  ;)

I Love New York Key Chain:  Mom loves me.  She gets me little things all the time.  She got me this when she, Aunt Trudy, and Uncle Terry were in New York to help sort through Uncle Ted's things.

Double Heart Friends Key Chain:  Nikki, the girl I mentored when I lived in Provo made me this.  She's a beautiful amazing girl.  I miss hanging out with her.

Broken Clutch:  This is from a dirt motorcycle.  I went on a date with Craig and after a couple hours of a successful first motorbike ride - (yes I was driving my own) I went over three bumps, my wheel turned 90 degrees and I went flying over the front face first.  As I lay there with my shin bleeding and dirt in my face, I thought: that was cool, I hope Craig's bike is okay.  Guess it wasn't...

Bullet Shell: This was another date, with Jared.  I like shooting though I'm not that good at it.

Green Bag: This is what my favorite green earrings came in.  I got them in Rome with Mary Price Huff.  That was a great trip!  Boutique shopping, site seeing, fantastic food.

Arrowhead and Beads: Vernon Parent, 4-H Agent from St. George let me and Utah County teens come to their teen retreat to Havasupai!  We did lots of team building and adventures and these were prizes if we won or participated.

Marine Ribbon Magnent: I was given this when I was dating Craig.  He had been oversees a couple times and was in Afghanistan after we dated.  He is a good Marine.   I loved the Marine ball- very romantic.

Coke Bottle:  JoLene Bunnell and I went to the Coke Factory in Atlanta when we were there for NAE4-HA.  JoLene is the best boss I've ever and probably will ever had.  I miss her lots.

Horse Tooth:  This is Shorty's tooth.  Shorty was my first horse.  He was a wild stallion in his young days, injured dad and mom, and could even run in hobbles.  I did walk/trot on him.  By the time he got to me, he was perfect.

Horse Stuffed Animal:  Codey Kolasinski got this horse for me for Valentine's Day.  He also gave me a quarter for it's food.  Haha.

Brush:  This is my childhood brush.  When I got older I used it on my dolls.

Baseball:  Jim Riggleman signed my ball at Nats U- baseball for women.  Valerie Esty and I got to pitch in the bullpen, bat in the cages, and field on the National's field.  It was AWESOME!

Lanyard:  In 2002 the Olympics came to Salt Lake City.  I got to go to a few events and it was amazing to see all the people from all over the world in Salt Lake City.

Lamb Chop:  "This is the song that never ends...yes it goes on and on my friend...someone started singing it..."

Puppy Dog:  I'm not sure why this dog looks sad, but I remember going to bed at night with it and wanting it to be happier.

Tassels:  '06 was from my bachelor's degree and '08 from my master's, both at USU.

Tail Bag:  This is Allegro's tail bag.  He was pretty much the best horse I've ever had.  I miss him tremendously.  

Ribbon:  CSI was one of the hardest teams to beat when I was competing with USU on the Equestrian Team.  1st Place at their show was quite the accomplishment.  Being on the Equestrian Team was one of the highlights of going to USU.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed a trip down my memory lane.  I feel like my life has had such wonderful opportunities and I'm so grateful.  Hopefully this will help me remember some of them.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas in D.C.

Well Washington D.C. has come through once again in it's awesome uniqueness.  You might ask, what does D.C. offer at Christmas time? Let me show you...

"Gingerbread Houses" in the Botanical Garden

The Great Wall of China made from bark and other natural materials.

Mini Library of Congress

Capital Building

Lincoln Memorial

The National Christmas Tree
Kinda looks like a cone, but a cool cone!
Anne, Val, me and Jenny saw the tree, the state trees and ate at a great sushi place.

A resort across the water from D.C. brought in Chinese ice sculptures.
We were given huge parkas because it was 9 degrees.
The grinch was cool, but the nativity was awesome!

Thus ends my Christmas season in Washington D.C.