Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bear River Mutual - highly recommended

How often is it that you say, "man, I wish I could have stayed with that insurance company- they were so cheep and treated me so well!" I haven't heard it, except with Bear River Mutual. Kudos to Kimi for the recommendation.

Bear River is unique in the fact that you have to sign a document saying you will not smoke, drink or do drugs, ever. Not just while driving the car, but the entire time you're insured with them. This apparently allows them to provide insurance for an awesome price. I understand why this company thrives in Utah, and I'm sad it only exists out there in the West.

Is that all you might say? Is that all about the company you can recommend? That their prices are cheep because they discriminate against vices? No! They have good service too. I cancelled my renters and my car insurance and they did it with no questions, easily, and sent me the prorated premiums with no problem.

So I say to you Bear River Mutual, a sad goodbye, but maybe a see you soon- I'll come back to you if I ever live where you'll cover me.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Argyle, the only white person in Walmart, and Casserole made me cry...

1. ARGYLE So, a couple weekends ago, I went to an Argyle party. That's right, an Argyle party. The entire downstairs of the house was wallpapered with colored paper that had an argyle pattern copied onto it. It was awesome! Pictures to come, as soon as my roommate emails me them... Everyone was wearing some form of Argyle and some, too many forms. Ha.

I met a bunch of people, salsa danced, and a cute Marine in the Naval Academy (the one I salsa danced with) even got my number. Hehe. Now, he hasn't called, but still it's always a nice time when you get to dance and he doesn't go running the other way.

2. WALMART So I went to the Walmart South of my house- yeah I had forgotten that it's better to go North lol. It wouldn't be a big deal if they had actually had a selection of items, but the things I was looking for, those aisles were a little bare. K, so imagine the following: I walk inside, and immediately notice, I'm the only white person in my line of vision, so I'm thinking, well, there must be some of the minority in here somewhere ... no. I was the only white person in an entire huge Walmart. I thought it was a great/odd experience for this white girl who grew up in a fairly white world ;)

3. CASSEROLE So, this weekend, I thought- I miss the family a little, I think I'll make the sweet potato casserole Liz made for my going away dinner with the Hollands- that will make me feel better. Yeah- it made me cry. I'm sure everyone has experienced this at one point or another- I'm really far from home, everything is pretty unfamiliar, and I just had one of those weekends- I wanted my friends, my family, my local shopping spots, my home. I cried a bit, I talked to someone who made me a feel a little better, and though I'm still feeling a little homesick, I think it will get better.

The thing about making a move this huge is that it needs time right? I think I'll reserve judgement on if it was a good move or not, for a year. It will take a year to get to really know the area, to make friends, to establish some of the things that make me happy and secure right?

I love you all who are reading this. I can't believe how I've been blessed with such awesome friends and family. I'm grateful everyday.