Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Isn't it Ironic? No, probably not.

Don't you love this song?

I think it's great, BUT unfortunately, has perpetuated the incorrect use of the word ironic.  

Now let's be honest, I can't spell, I don't have perfect grammar, and there are grammar mistakes in this very blog, BUT I have decided I will learn the meaning of the word ironic, and use it correctly from now on.  

So, here's the English lesson for the day (well according the internet, correct me if I'm wrong, please!)

There are three types of irony.  Verbal, dramatic, and situational.

I like to think of verbal irony as sarcasm without the intent of ridicule or mocking.  It's that remark that has an opposite intent of it's literal meaning.

For example, if you were trying to be ironic on a stormy, dreary day, you might say: “What glorious weather!”

Or if you were suffering from a bad cold, you might ironically say: “I feel like a million bucks.”

This is in speeches or a drama and is understood by the audience but not grasped by the characters in the play. 

This is the kind that I think is most misused and is my goal to use correctly.

Let's start with what situational irony is NOT:

It is not: 
  • coincidence “This is the third time today we’ve run into each other. How ironic.”
  • curiosity "That dog is mothering that cat, ironic."
  • oddity “Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day in November. It was really ironic.”
  • paradox "I've slept all day, and I now so tired.  How ironic."
  • bad luck "winning the lottery and dropping dead the next day, meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife." Insert Alanis song here.
It is:
An occasion where the outcome or intention of the action is significantly different from what was expected or considered appropriate.

Example 1:  I was watching The Voice tonight (yeah, I know, make fun), and Christina Aguilera made a comment about how she didn't like a contestants song because it's degrating to women.  I thought, that's ironic because you sing about and act as an object.  You yourself objectify women. 

Example 2:  A man takes a step aside to avoid getting sprinkled by a wet dog, and falls into a swimming pool.  (See it can be funny, but it also has to have a parallel)

I don't know if any of this makes sense, but hopefully I can use the word correctly in the future.  And don't worry, if you use the word incorrectly in my ear shot, I will not correct you.  I might smile, but I won't correct you ;)


More Memories, but with Saving Space

A while back I posted pictures of items that had sentimental value, wrote why they were meaningful and then I threw them away. A digital record of memories. Well it's time again to clean out a box of memories.  (moving does that to you)

Marine Bear: Craig gave this to me when he left for Iraq. We dated off and on when I live in Orem in 2007. He was a dedicated Marine and even took me to the Marine Ball! He's home safely now.

Mascarade Masks: Mom helped me make these decorations for my mascerade ball in 2008. It was beautiful!

Young Women Quilt: I made this when I was 14, a Mia Maid in the Young Women's program. I loved my leaders growing up. They cared about me and helped me learn about the Gospel.

The backside was signed by my fellow beehives. I'm still in touch with many of them.

4-H Family Camp Flag 2007: my second year working for Utah County 4-H I brought Shalene Hardman with me, Kimi Jensen was working for us, so she came and brought Ryan. It was a great week. Kimi pulled me back from falling out of the raft in the rapids, and we were mistaken for professional camp counselors. I miss working directly with families and youth.

These are some of the ribbons I won when I was on the Utah State University Equestrian Team from 2002 to 2005  I made some of my lifetime friends on that team.  Tiffany, Annie, Pat, Mike and Leisa.  I will never forget being terrified driving on icy Montana roads, freezing at the horse shows (making Mike let me sit in front of him for warmth, my team mates asking me questions about my human sexuality textbook, mom helping with the show at USU and Rojo being one of the horses, and riding, how it was so awesome to ride while I was in college.

This was a questionnaire we filled out and also sealed in the 5 year high school box. I thought my answer to this question was worth keeping.

This small box was full of high school memories and was in a larger box the Posse sealed for 5 years with everyone else's memory items. It was fun to get together, open it and see what I thought valuable and the memories they brought back.

There is my first corsage from Homecoming 1999. This was also my first date. Reg (Craig) Bruening took me. It was a great date weekend. Reg is an amazing guy.

The horse was given to me by a friend, I can't quite remember at the moment...

There is my first 'car'. Kimi West Jensen gave me the little Beatle for my 16 birthday.

The blue bead and note, Kimi also gave me.

The drawing is from Jamie Kotter Moncur and Alli Murray Kogelschatz. - I think...they call me Lou the most.

The pill bottle was made by Ryan Willeitner when we were dating. It's a prescription for happiness. Inside are little pieces of paper with things to go, like take a bike ride, a hug from Ryan, etc.

As I've said before, I loved high school.  My friends were blessings sent from heaven.  I don't want to go back, but I will always remember the amazing times and grew from the few hard times.