Friday, September 19, 2014


I've gone to write this post quite a few times, but the wedding was so wonderful, I just didn't know where to start. I finally decided on a slideshow of pictures and then writing about my favorite moments.  Thank you a million to all the friends and family who made our day so special.  We love you all! Happy Anniversary to My Love ;)


Mom helping me get ready: I borrowed my beautiful dress from Tara.  She was so sweet to let me wear it, and the first time I put it on - I teared up.  It was perfect.  Mom helped me put a necklace and earrings on that were her mom's.  I couldn't think of a better 'old'.  My garter was blue, and I had to look for something new- my shoes.  Mom pinned everyone's corsages on - Jeanette and her's, and the boutonnieres - Brian's and Dennis'. 

Dad starting to cry when he saw me: Jeanette had stayed with Dad to keep him calm, she said he was really nervous.  When I was all ready and came out to take pictures with the bridal party and to go to the ceremony, Dad saw me and started to cry.  He's so cute.  I told him - don't cry yet, I'll cry if you cry, and my make-up will smear!  :) :)  He was with Brian, Emily and I as we took pictures before the ceremony. 

Walking down the "aisle":  Our ceremony site, Red Butte Gardens, was beautiful.  The bridal party walked from an upper garden, under an arbor to Rob through the lower garden.  They walked to
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. (I didn't know, but that's Mom's favorite song! Click the title to hear it.)

As I walked with Dad toward this amazing man, I just couldn't be more happy.  I have this wonderful family who supports and love us, and I was moments away from getting to spend the rest of my life with a man who makes my life more than I could have hoped.  It was also wonderful to look at the faces of our family and friends so happy and there to support us.  I couldn't ask for a better family and group of friends.  I was also so happy to have Emily, Brian and Tim stand up with us - and Tara & Preston (there in thought).  I walked with dad to God Blessed the Broken Road by The O’Neill Brothers. (Click the title to hear it.)

The ceremony: I went first saying my vows.  Brian had my notes in his pocket and held my bouquet.  (wedding dresses don't really have pockets ;)  I started with, "Good Man..." and I meant it.  He is a good man, and I told him I didn't know what I did to deserve him.  I managed to only cry a little. 
Rob said he should have gone first and made us all laugh.  His vows were shorter, but very sincere.  He talked about how I made him want to be a better man, and how he's become one because of me. 
We were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Erwin!!

Hilarious pictures with the Hollands:  We got to take pictures with all the families after the ceremony.  The Hollands were too funny.  Someone in the group kept grabbing my butt - I think Rob...  I almost fell off one of the garden stones and Robert caught me.  Fun times.

Toasts:  Tim, Emily and Brian gave beautiful toasts. Tim talked about his and Rob's college days. Emily talked about us going to state fairs and having adventures. She told about when she visited DC and spent time with Rob and I, she could tell we were good together. Brian talked about our long friendship and how Rob is now part of the family. 

First dance:  I love dancing with Rob. We touch noses and he picks me up and spins around :)
We danced to 'The Day Before You' by Rascal Flatts. We wanted others to join us after the first chorus and couples were awesome and did.

Dad/Daughter dance:  Dancing with Dad was awesome. I for sure get my crying gene from him ;) He twirled me and stepped on my veil, it was too funny. Emily took it from me so it wouldn't get in the way. He gave loving advice and approval to Rob and I as it came to an end. Jeanette and him were so wonderful in all the wedding planning and I could ask for better parents. 

I also got to dance with Dennis. He is just the most loving man, and I'm so grateful for him and Mom. He even danced with everyone to the fast songs during the night. It was great :) He has always been a dancer. 

Pictures with just us:  We got to go with the photographer after dinner and take some pictures. She kept laughing at us because Rob kept grabbing my butt every other picture, which then made me laugh :) Might sound odd but I love he does that. 

Cutting the Cake:  Rob loves wedding cake so we got a cake to cut and then we took half of it with us on the honeymoon. Ha!  When I gave him a bite- he put his whole mouth around it, and I didn't even have a chance to smash it.  I, on the other hand, received cake up my nose!! Ha, everyone thought I was mad until I laughed.

Dancing: I've always wanted my wedding to be fun, and to have dancing.  It's a celebration!!  I remember years ago Nick telling me that I better have dancing at my wedding.  We some fun dances and Heidi was awesome and taught us the Hustle.

I got to dance with the Best Man (so sweet- seemed to like me instantly, and I felt the same!), Nick, Robert, and Brian.  It's great to be the bride ;)

Driving away as a married woman:  As we said goodbye to the family, and got into our really nice rental (Rob got a free upgrade), I sat there and thought- I'm married to Rob!!!

Our wedding was AMAZING.  Again, thank you to everyone who helped and attended.  I can't wait to make another great year of adventures with this good man.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our New Home!!!

Rob and I have been unbelievably blessed!  We have a great love between us, and now we have a place for it to reside.  We took a video to show everyone the fun we're having, and to entice all of you to visit!!

Believe it or not, the first time out with the realtor to look for a home- we found our house!!  Rob got off work early to see it, and we put in an offer the next day!!  We closed on Dec. 31st, 2013 and celebrated New Year's Eve with sparkling cider and a game of Settlers.  (excuse the low quality cell phone pictures)

Our neighbors are friendly, the ward is wonderfully welcoming, and the elementary school (good school district was in the top 3 things that we looked for) is just 3 blocks away!  It even has a park down the street and a natural undeveloped area that surrounds a creek.  We couldn't be more happy.


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pre Wedding Fun!

Rob and I were honored by the parties and spoiled by the wedding showers during our engagement.  Though we were apart (Rob moved to Dallas a week after we got engaged) we were so supported and loved.  Thank you to all our friends and family who did so much!! We love you all.

Tea Party

To Bonita (one of the lovely women I worked for in Washington DC):  Thank you for the Tea Party!!

To Amy and Katelyn (my amazing friends at work): Thank you for making the party complete!

Bonita made beautiful tea sandwiches, scones and other treats.  I couldn't ask for a prettier afternoon.  She even designed games with tea. 

Washington DC Friends Bridal Shower

Since I moved to DC 4 years ago, these ladies have inspired me, motivated me, made me laugh and in the last year, supported me in all the adventures Rob and I had.  Thank you Joni, Kellee and Marla for the fun afternoon and all the ladies who came!

Joni is an amazing baker.  She made these beautiful cupcakes to look like a wedding dress.

It tasted amazing too!

I'll spare everyone the pictures of the more revealing presents, and include the awesome new glasses we love!  Thanks to everyone for setting us up in our new life.

DC Engagement Party

Joni again honored us with a party when Rob came back to DC to help me move to Texas. She made a BEAUTIFUL cake that, again, tasted amazing.

In true Rob style he demoed its 'eat-ability'.

The party goers had Rob tell our story from start to engagement and our plans for the future.  It's cute to hear his way of telling it all.

Getting Ready for the Wedding

We tried to do a few things to make the wedding special for our guests.  One was welcome bags for the bridal party.  Becky helped me put them together.  I included a 'do not disturb' sign for after the wedding, contact list of the family and wedding party, and lots of Utah products with little tags.

We also displayed pictures of our families' wedding days at the reception.  A legacy of love :)  We displayed them in frames painted in yellow and blue.  Yeah for DI (it's like Good Will for all my non-Utah friends and family) and spray paint.                                                                                     (see next blog about the wedding!)
  Utah Bridal Showers

My girlfriends from high school threw me a fun bridal party with glitter toes, and takeaways of sugar scrubs and bath salts.  They got me a cowboy hat with a veil!! How well they know me!                                                                                                                                                         I also got some good marriage advice as these ladies have more experience than me!
Aunt Trudy, Aunt Jody and Mom also threw me a shower at Aunt Jody's house.  It was so fun!  For some reason however, I can't find any pictures of it  :(  I loved when Trudy had each person as they gave me a gift, give me a piece of advice.  It was all written down for me.

The Holland clan rounded out the spoiling with a lovely afternoon.  Becky even called Rob and quizzed me on his answers.  Happily, I answered more questions correctly than they thought I would!  Did you know if he were a superhero he would be Captain America and if he were to assign me an animal he would say I was a cheetah?  I did!! Ha!
 Bachelorette Party!!!

What could get better than brick oven pizza and dancing outdoors?  From left to right: Brian Morrison - Man of Honor; Shalene Hardman - long time A-mazing friend; Casandra Winter - my redheaded friend since college, oh the good times; Emily Morehouse - bridesmaid extraordinaire; and Melissa Morrison - the wonderful woman and friend I'm so lucky Brian married; Tara Ivie - Matron of Honor (not pictured, but there in spirit)
We love surrounding Shalene with redheadedness.
Getting Close!!
Getting our marriage license in Salt Lake County!  So exciting!  
I had to call Dad to know where he was born, ha!

Mom and Emily at the salon on wedding day morning.  
Mom got her toes done (first time ever), and Em got make up and hair with me!  
She looked great with an up-do and her blue dress. 

I promise it looked more calm when it was done!  
She did a great job taming the full head of red!

The Man of Honor hung in with the ladies so well.  He brought treats from Kneaders and got a hair cut.  For some reason he didn't want his make up done, go figure.  Cathryn, Rob's sister, also got her hair done, but no pictures be taken ;)  She looked great at the wedding.


Rob and I wore our wedding colors to the rehearsal.  We practiced with Dennis as the fill-in judge.  Good thing Brian had just gotten married, he remembered stuff I had never thought of!

Emily made me a 'bowquet' from all the wedding shower present bows.  It was beautiful and made me feel so special as Dad and I practiced walking to the ceremony.  It was also helpful to practice handing it back and forth to the Man of Honor. 

Everyone laughed at my written instructions and maps, but on wedding day, everyone was where they were suppose to be and on time!  I love Tim's face in this picture.  He was a great Best Man.

 Rehearsal Dinner

Rob and his family planned the rehearsal dinner.  They chose Charlie Chow's Dragon Grill because Rob and my first date was at Genghis Grill, a Mongolian grill.  How cute to do our rehearsal at the same style restaurant.  It was perfect, all you can eat, and everyone could get exactly what they wanted.  The bridal party was there, Dad, Mom and Dennis, Rob's Mom, Dad and Sister, Becky and Robert Holland, and the sister missionaries who helped convert Rob- Erin Anderson and Tori Nixon.  
We got or own section of the restaurant.

The rehearsal and dinner was on Mom's birthday so we got her a cake and sang to honor her too!

So ends the preparation for the wedding.  Again, we can't thank everyone enough for all the time, funds, and effort they put into making us feel so special and celebrate the best day of our lives.  We couldn't have asked for anything better.