Friday, May 18, 2007

Just One More Reason I LOVE Seattle

Variety and acceptance of clothing, hair and everything else visual.

First variety...
Do you ever feel walking around Provo, Logan, and even Salt Lake- everyone looks pretty much the same? Oh, I know- there are those unique appearances every once in a while, but I don't as often find myself saying- wow, that's a different outfit, hair or whatever. Walking around Seattle and even out in the rural areas where my parents live there is just more variety.

The second and more important point is the acceptance of appearance...
As I walk around here I don't feel that voice behind me saying, "ah, those pants? really?" or something to that effect. I don't see the judgemental and condescending looks that I sometimes see in my hometown. I'm not saying everyone is like that in Utah, and I'm not saying that no one in Seattle is like that, it was just a pleasant atmosphere of acceptance that I was able to enjoy this week.