Friday, March 08, 2013

In sickness and in health...

Let me tell you a story...

One day, Lindsey was walking to her car from work and thought, 'I forgot to change into my walking shoes, ah, I can wear my high heels to the store and to Rob's house, no big deal.'

Big mistake!

I was happily shopping.  I had one ingredient left on my list of items to make a dinner of meatball subs. I'm carrying my basket, and in a split second - I stepped on my right foot and slipped a little, and THERE GOES MY ANKLE!!

As I hit my knees the basket of groceries flies across the floor and I hear two people say, oh no, are you okay? Through the shooting pain of a reoccurring sprained ankle,  I'm thinking, no!

I called Rob right away. Second mistake. Not because he wasn't the person to call, but because in the pain and shock, I told him the wrong grocery store!! I said, 'I'm in the Safeway and sprained my ankle (through my tears), can you come and get me?' Turns out though, I was in Giant!

Poor Rob, he was so worried and came right away, just to the wrong store! We figured it out and he was there pretty quickly.  In the mean time, the store employees were very concerned.  I didn't realized until someone said it, but maybe because I was going to blame them.  My first thought was because they were nice, and I'm going to stick with that.  It wasn't their fault my ankle is weak sauce and I was wear slippery heals.

They got me a chair, ice and crates to prop it up on.

So there I am, sitting in a chair at the end of the frozen food aisle in Giant.  The shoppers were very nice. Many of them stopped to see if they could help. What could I say?  I'm good, I'm just going to sit here and hope I'm not flashing you (I was in a skirt), and try not to think about the boyfriend is coming.

Rob got there, helped me hop to his car, and took me to insta-care.  Poor man.  I think it was a glimpse into how much of a baby I am with pain.  He handled it well.  Calm, but all the while worried.

We decided it would be better for me to stay with him for the next few days.  Crutches, my house with two long flights of stairs, and having to get to the bus and metro...not the best combo.

We returned to the scene of the crime a few days later.  Yes, that is me on the electric cart.  It was awesome.  You don't realize how tiring crutches are until you try to go grocery shopping!  People do stare at your when you're in one of these. 

So here's the in sickness and in health part- Rob was A-mazing at taking care of me.  He wouldn't believe me when I said I didn't need help (unless I really protested), made me food, reminded me to take my medication, took me to and from work, and he never thought twice about it.  Even after all that, he said he felt helpless, like he should be doing more.  I am fully confident he will be with me in sickness and in health.  

 Update:  I'm walking without crutches and doing much better.  :)