Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm going to...

I just got confirmation for our tickets, and our super cheep accommodations! 10 euros per night! That's SO good! I'm super, super excited. If anyone has been there, please unload your wisdom and advice, website, etc. I'd love any help you can give. Thanks!
One of the most excited girls in the valley!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Confessions of a Closet Romantic

As most of the people in my life know, I am not a fan of public affection (holding hands, arm around the shoulder- okay that’s cool), or of the obsessive need to be near to and touch one’s significant other. Though I love my friends and I do like and think well of all their significant other’s, and even enjoy talking to the couple, I find it frustrating to never talk to them without the other. I think I have voiced this opinion numerous times and so the following confession I might be teased for…

I am a total, head over heals, lovey dovey romantic. I watched on Friday night, as my friend Brandon sung 2 songs he had written for his wife before they had married. I was completely happy for them, and wanting this for me! I think I’m finally at the point in life where things like that- instead of making me roll my eyes, make me smile and feel loved. I love the simple things a guy can do for you, and I love doing the things that make a guy smile. I love flowers, and spending time, etc. etc. And so, I will less often now roll my eyes at the couples in my life, and more often appreciate and admire the way love is expressed in our day.

To this confession I add this notice: I am fully and totally aware that having a significant other or even husband is not all roses and wine, (well sparkling cider). A relationship is a ton of work, and requires sacrifice of self, compromise, compassion and most of all commitment.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Wisdom of Teeth

Well, It's done, I've done it, it's finished- I have 4 wholes in my mouth that are hopefully healing fine. (I'll find out today at my post-op appointment) That's fun to say- post-op. And hopefully my wisdom is not gone!

Here is the wisdom I gained from this experience, please share what you learned when you went through this...
1. my mom is SUPER cool. She took great care of me, and never asked for anything in return. She also followed the doctors instructions (and made me follow them) to the T (which is a strange phrase- does anyone know why we say that?).
2. My friends are cool too- I had a jamba juice and lots of calls to see how I was. That was nice.
3. the whole liquid diet thing- not so much a diet- I gained about 2 lbs! LOL, but it does get boring. I have never wanted a sandwich so much in my life! I have come to appreciate how strong, and good our teeth really are. I think this happens whenever we have something not work- we realize how amazing we (God's creation) are and how amazing it is that everything works!

So I think that's it. Maybe I'll have more wisdom and maybe less, but only time will tell.