Thursday, May 20, 2010

My lung capactiy and the smell of rain. 

Moving here let's be honest- I wasn't in amazing shape but I was doing okay right? I did have one thing going for me- a high altitutuds lung capacity. Growing up at 5,000 feet makes your lungs work hard for the air they need!

I decided when I moved to a low altitude that I would make a conscious effort to breath deeply often in a effort to prevent my potential oxygen deprivation when I go back to Utah to visit family and friends. Does this have any scientific validity? I have no idea. 

What it has done today though, seems beneficial enough. As I walked to the metro and then from the metro to my apartment I began to breath as deeply as my lungs would allow.  What was the result? The wonderful smell of the air, grass and cement all being given a spring wash by the rain. 

So breath deeply. Breath deeply to keep your lungs healthy, breath deeply to appreciate the world we have been given.