Thursday, August 11, 2011

Walking about Crystal City and Half a Book

I had the most lovely evening. I've been walking about Crystal City in a heel to toe stride with my nose in a book.

I started my evening by walking to the nail salon.  My nail salon is full of Korean family members who all do nails and toes and fantastic leg massages.  They glance at each other and speak in Korean and smile and have no idea what I'm saying when I ask anything but "How are you?"

With my lovely shiny toes with white tips and soft feet I strolled home engrossed in post WWII stories, my inter-thoughts turning into British writing.  When I came to my building I paused and thought, I don't want to stop reading, it's a lovely warm summer evening, and I want a soda...

So I took my shiny toes and kept walking!  As I walked Crystal Drive I looked up to a beautiful summer evening sight.  Couples, family, friends, all sitting outside restaurants enjoying a meal and wonderful conversation.   It gives me great enjoyment to see people sitting like Parisians letting the evening flitter away into night.  

I couldn't pull my eyes back to my book.  Especially when the puppy dogs walked by.  There were probably people with them, but I seem to focus on all the fur and cute faces and tails.  I only asked to pet one.  

After enjoying flashbacks of Paris I found an Izze and sat down with a small waterfall in front of me, an arbor overhead and finished the first half of my book.  
Walking home 3 hours after I'd left I realize that as I launch my 27th birthday weekend, I'm very happy with who I am and the wonderful life that has been given to me.