Monday, May 30, 2005

Chicken or Eagle?

I heard this from a motivational speaker,

He spoke of an eagle, raised with chickens. One day a man took the eagle, set him on top of the barn and whispered, "you are an eagle", the eagle looked at the chickens, the barn, and jumped down and started pecking with the chickens. The next day the man took the eagle high into the mountains where no chickens were, only he, the eagle and a vast sky. He then whispered, "you are an eagle". The eagle looked around, looked at the man, and took off into the horizon, soaring above all that was before him.

"To many of us have been told we are chickens, to many of us think we are chickens- but in actuality, we are eagles. Whisper- "I am an eagle", look at the vast expanse that is in front of you, ignoring the chickens, and soar!"

I hope I can not only do this for myself, but for the people around me.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Local Bands, Passion & Passionate People

Tonight I went to my cousin's acoustic guitar performance at a store in the mall called Local. Basically it's a store of local band CD's, t-shirts and a stage. I went to support my cousin (he's 15) and show him I care, but I ended up with more.

I ended up remembering my love for people with passion. All of those kids (high school) got up there in front of friends and strangers and sung their hearts, they LOVE the music they play, they have such a dedication to it. I see this in many aspects of life- music at all levels, art that people do only for themselves, a mother caring for her child, a love for literature, a passion for helping others, love of dance, pretty much anything people do. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice- they LOVE what they are doing and it is a passion.

This is a quality that I am very attracted to (romantically and friendshiply) that is defiantly not a word! LOL. Anyway- I wish sometimes I had more of this so that I would feel adequate around these people. One day right? I'm currently trying to focus my hobbies so that might help :) I digress- Passion is impressive to me, and I hope all you out there know, if you have it- KEEP IT! If you don't, think about developing it, it can enrich your life.