Saturday, May 24, 2008

Adding One To The List...

Well I've decided on my 49th thing to do: See every state's State Fair! How fun is that?! It might work with the road trip idea, but I just think it would be great to see all the 4-H stuff if every state, and how they do things, and the unique foods. Oh good fun. Any takers for a travel partner? It will take a number of years because they are all usually in August and September.

Friday, May 09, 2008

50 Things To Do Before I Die

In an effort to blog more (Kimi says I never change mine ;) I am going to list my 50 Things To Do Before I Die and then when I do them I'll post on the adventure. So, here goes- let me know if you want to do anything with me, I'm always needing partners in adventure and fun.

If they are bold and have a date with them, I've accomplished that goal. :)

50 Things To Do Before I Die

1. Marry in the temple and have children

2. Own a home with my husband

3. See the fireflies in the summer in the East – June 2004, Massachusetts

4. See the leaves of autumn in the East

5. Cross-Country Driving Trip

6. Play the piano

7. Play the guitar

8. Ride sidesaddle

9. Live in a small house (like the Avenues in Salt Lake)

10. Hike Timpanogos

11. Young Women’s Personal Progress – May 2002

12. Cliff Jump

13. Rock Climb

14. See the Sistine Chapel

15. Have a gorgeous garden

16. Be a board member of Festival of Trees

17. Ballroom dance

18. Dive off a diving board

19. Scuba Dive

20. Make clay pottery with a wheel

21. Church history trip

22. Go to Jerusalem and other holy cities

23. See the Arauraborialus

24. Skate Rockefeller Center at Christmas time

25. Have a beauty day with friends

26. Build a tree house

27. Singing lessons

28. Whitewater Rafting – July 2006, Snake River, Jackson Hole, WY

29. Disney World

30. See the tulip fields in Holland

31. Go to all the sports live: Soccer (BYU 2007), Football (USU 2002), Basketball (USU 2005-6), Baseball (Mariners 2007), Hockey ( USU 2005-6), Lacrosse, Volleyball

32. Ride a horse in the surf of the ocean

33. Try the water sports: Jet Ski, Wakeboard, Waterski

34. Go on a train ride – August 2005

35. Travel to Africa, Australia, Europe (July 2004), Asia, and South America

36. Invest

37. Jump a horse

38. Throw a Masquerade Ball

39. See the Pyramids

40. Go on Safari and take pictures

41. Walk in the vineyards – August 2005, France

42. Fly fish

43. Family History and Temple Work

44. Overnighter with the horses

45. Read all the great works of literature

46. Ride in a hot air balloon

47. Go on a mission with my husband

48. See a Living Art Show

49. This and # 50 are open for suggestions...