Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall and Redecorating...

Is there any better friend than one who will spend 3 days redecorating / remodeling my room, helping me make it the coolest bedroom I've ever had, and definitely the best place to live in my whole apartment complex?  Thus follows the story of Lindsey, her bedroom, and Brian.

First there was Lindsey.  

I moved to this apartment in April, I painted in April.  I LOVED my paint.  I had big plans of organization...and then as usual, life got busy.  Travel, work, every cool things to do in D.C. I could get myself know the story.

So there was Lindsey's bedroom.

I wish I had taken a before picture, but let me paint it for you.  One steal utility storage shelf full of mismatched projects, two well used bookshelves stuffed to their brim, intermixed with antique furniture and storage tupperware, again with projects.   I loved my bed, dresser, nightstand, two chests, rocking chair and armoire, but none of it was positioned to be aesthetically or functionally pleasing.  And life was still busy.

Enter Brain.

Lindsey:  "Mom and I came up with a plan for my room.  Here's the general idea..."
Brian:  "Okay, we can do that.  Let me take some measurements..."
Brian:  "Here are three options that you can alter or use..."
Lindsey:  "Oh my this is going to be the IKEA!!"

If you didn't know, Brian's a master planner.  You can give him an idea, and he'll figure out all the angles, options, concerns, fallbacks, yes's and no's when asking about options and measurements, and then gives you the final decision power- because it's still your project - because he's awesome.

So off to IKEA, when we got everything on the cart...well remember how I have a sedan?  I'll let the pictures do the talking...

It was a close one, but smarts and luck triumph again.  Yes, that would be a 3 6 foot boxes from the front of my passenger seat into the back seat.  Brian graciously sat in the back behind the driver's seat. Home we went, and 5 hours later, poof - it's all built!!

And by poof, I mean, Lindsey cleared the work space, held things where she was told to hold, and basically let the master of IKEA builders work.  It was awesome.  So if that isn't enough, I leave my master planner alone for a few hours to grocery shop, and I come back- and it looks like this!!  Hello!

I thought I was in for hours of sorting and organizing to get to this point, but no, master planner comes to the rescue again.

I LOVE it!  I never want to leave my room, I want to play my beautiful guitar (Jimmy) all the time, I want to stare at the light behind the friends sign as it changes colors (yeah, that's right, it changes 7 different colors.  It has fade, blink, and single color options), and read a great book in my rocking chair.
The hanging lamp, the guitar hanging, the light behind, all my master planner's ideas.

I'll send better pictures of the whole room once I've hung pictures, etc.  But for now, can we all revel in the fact that the whole piece looks amazing, and that it was done in 3 days with no fights, no crying, only laughing, teasing freaked out faces, and lots of hammering.

I wish you could all see it in person.  Better and more pictures to come...the goal is done by Thanksgiving...